INCID Publications

During the course of its 7 decades of illustrious legacy, INCID came up with several research reports and publications, which have guided the professionals, academia as well as other stakeholders from time to time. Some of these publications are listed below:

The ICID awards are given in various categories which include:

  • World Irrigation & Drainage Prize
  • WatSave Award
  • Best Performing National Committee
  • Best Performing Workbody
  • Best Paper Prize

INCID coordinates the task of motivating and inviting suitable nominations for the WHIS and WatSave Awards from the India States/UTs. The nominations are screened through site visits by CWC field officials. Post screening, INCID examines the nominations for various eligibility criterias and scope and recommends the deserving nominations to ICID for consideration.

Further, a National Committee for Screening the Nomination for WatSave Awards, World Heritage IrrigationStructure (WHIS) Awards, World Irrigation and Drainage Prize etc of ICID was constituted, in September 2020, under the Chairmanshipof Member (WP&P), Central Water Commission with Members drawn from Indian NationalCommittee on Irrigation and Drainage (INCID). In addition to screening of the nominations at the national level against the laid criteria for each category of ICID awards, the National Committee also verifies the authentication of the works done, innovation or application, as the case may be. The order details of the National Committee may be accessed here. (order attached).

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S N Title of the Publication Author
1 HIRAKUD: Its Background and Performance - 2012 Er. G.C. Sahu Er. G.N. Das
2 History of Irrigation in Uttar Pradesh - 2011 Prof. Narayan Sharma
4 Irrigation Acts Of The States Of North India - 2005 Part I (Punjab And Uttar Pradesh Including Uttaranchal) INCID
5 Irrigation Acts Of The States Of North India - 2005 Part 2 (Himachal Pradesh & J & K) INCID
6 History of Irrigation Development in Andhra Pradesh - 2004 Prof. A. Mohana Krishnan
7 Guidelines For Benchmarking Of Irrigation Systems In India - 2002 INCID
8 Decision Making Procedures in India for Dam Building (Nagarjuna Sagar Dam – Andhra Pradesh) - 2003
9 Report On Participatory Irrigation Management - 2003 INCID
10 Manual On Canal Lining (Revised) - 2000 INCID
11 Sprinkler Irrigation In India - 1998 INCID
12 Pipe Distribution System For Irrigation - 1998 INCID
13 Guide For Preparations Of Plans Of Operations And Maintenance Of Irrigation Systems In India - 1994 INCID
14 National Level Workshop on Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Systems – Feb 1992
15 Drip Irrigation In India - 1994 INCID
16 Non-Structural Aspects Of Flood Management In India - 1993 INCID
17 United Nations Conference On Environment And Development (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) - 1992 INCID
18 Development Of Irrigation, Drainage And Flood Control In India - 1992 INCID
19 Guidelines for Planning Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Waters in Irrigation Projects, 1995 INCID
20 History of Irrigation Development in Tamil Nadu, March 2001 INCID
21 Bio-Drainage Status in India and other Countries, Rajasthan, India, March 2003. INCID
22 History of Irrigation Development in Orissa, November 2009 INCID
23 Rengali Multi-Purpose Project: A Boon for Odisha, 2014. INCSW/INCID